What is reverse phone number directory?

In contrast with a standard telephone directory, reverse phone directory is a collection of phone numbers and the names or even addresses associated with the numbers. In the standard telephone directory we use the name and address of a person to find their telephone number.

In the reverse phone directory we have the phone number and we want to identify the name and address of a person who called us. If you don't know who the number belongs to, reverse phone search will be a good option to check it out.

How does reverse phone number lookup work?

To identify the number you don't know, first you have to type 'reverse phone lookup' on the browser, then type the unknown number in the search field, click the search button and you'll get the results. You will find all the details linked to the unknown number.

The results will include the phone owner's name and address and sometimes the exact location. You can use websites which are paid or free of charge. But remember, if you use options which are free, the data will be probably limited to the name and address and location of the unknown landline number.

whocalledus.co.uk was created in order to find as much data as possible about an unknown number and protect you against harassing phones.


01618641010 no idea who is on the other end
08082800701 no idea who is on the other end
02070237936 This number 02070237936 phoned me twice this morning. When I answered the phone they hung up. I tried to call back and find out what they wanted but the number wasn't recognised. They didn't leave any phone message.
07935741840 Been getting random calls from this number 07935741840 . Whoever rings doesn't say anything. The caller then rang me 5 minutes later with a different number, have blocked the caller.
02084630586 Can anybody help me with the number 02084630586 ? Called me 3 times. Ididn't answer it . Any information, details about it? Is it safe to answer? I'm really happy that this site exists. Thank you guys in advance
01184640323 This number 01184640323 called me yesterday when I was driving. Then it called me again in the morning but I was at work and couldn't answer it. I was trying to call back several times but the line was engaged. They called me again an hour ago, when I answered, they hung up. Suspicious.
01514386792 This number 01514386792 called me a few times in the past two weeks. Finally, I decided to answer but there was silence on the other side. In the beginning I thought it was quite strange but later I thought it was a connection problem. Anyway, does anybody know the number 01514386792 ?
01282967122 Got a call from this phone number 01282967122 today in the morning, they left no message. It is risky to answer unknown calls. In a lot of cases they get paid for every pick up call even though they don't get to fleece you. If it's anything important, they will leave a message on voice mail.
02039864589 This is not a number I know or recognise and there is no caller ID. It's either marketing or spam
01416878224 They called me from the number 01416878224 . I'm not going to call them back. Waste of my time. When I don't know who is on the other end, I don't answer calls from people I don't know. If it was something important , they would leave a message. But they didn't
01539756041 Odd, I tried to call back this number, but when I get to voicemail it says the mailbox is full.
01215319268 Never a good sign when someone calls and leaves no message; sorry, but the only way to reach me when I don't recognize the number is to leave a voice message. They called me today early morning 6/18/2021 from the number 01215319268
01329313895 Someone called me from the number 01329313895 . After the phone stopped ringing and went to Voice Mail, they hung up and didn't leave any voice message. I suggest not to answer the phone when the caller phones you. The caller may want to know what the time/day you pick up the phone to know when you are at home, so they would know when to call you again. Quite suspicious
07767334939 Got a call from the number 07767334939 yesterday morning. I was at work so didn't answer. I don't call back unknown numbers, which I think is a good behaviour because of possible unwanted costs. Some time ago I had a call from similar number. But they called me again late in the afternoon, I decided to pick it up but there was a silence on the other end and then the call ended. Waste of time.
01202059732 any idea who the caller is?
01908041349 They called me from the number 01908041349 . I'm not going to call them back. Waste of my time. When I don't know who is on the other end, I don't answer calls from people I don't know. If it was something important , they would leave a message. But they didn't
02070008111 Odd, I tried to call back this number, but when I get to voicemail it says the mailbox is full.
02085099423 Not a number I recognised so let it ring hoping they would leave a message on the answer phone. They did not
02037629557 This number 02037629557 called me a few times in the past two weeks. Finally, I decided to answer but there was silence on the other side. In the beginning I thought it was quite strange but later I thought it was a connection problem. Anyway, does anybody know the number 02037629557 ?
01708514429 I don't know how many times this number 01708514429 called me. I think it keeps calling since last week . In the beginning they called me in the morning but yesterday in the afternoon. Maybe they want to check which part of the day I am able to answer the phone. Strange

Who called you? You haven’t seen this number before. Nowadays almost everyone has got a mobile phone, so it is not an unusual situation that an unknown number is calling you. It may be just a mistake or a person conducting a survey. The situation is a bit different when the same number called you several times a day. Then, you usually get a bit anxious. You have no idea whether you should answer it or not. You know that your friends don’t change telephone numbers very frequently. Even if they do, they will probably send you a text message. So if an unknown number keeps calling, and you want to find out who is on the other end, our website is for you. This is where you can easily verify the number. You will probably learn whether it was a debt collector, telemarketer or an ordinary scammer. You will also find out what the opinions of an unknown number are. Thanks to this knowledge, you will eventually know whether the number is secure or not.

Debt collector

What if the number that is calling you belongs to a debt collector ? No one likes answering such phone calls. It is always stressful and frightening. If you decide to answer such calls, remember you have to be prepared for the conversation. You have to find out what your legal rights are.

Surely, you have to make sure you will have enough time to talk. If not, you can always tell them to call you back at more convenient time. Before the conversation, visit some professional websites that will give you an idea how to talk with a debt collector. You will be advised to follow certain obligatory steps that will protect you in the future.

What is Scam call

Another nuisance is phone scams. If you have a lot of missed calls from the same number you are unfamiliar with, do not call it back. It is very probable that it is a scam call. The problem with such calls is that they are very difficult to recognise. They are very similar to ordinary numbers.

Our website will help you to recognise at least some of them. If you decide to call the unknown number back, and you realise that there is nobody on the other end, hang up immediately. Otherwise, you may be charged high connection fees because very often such call is sent to a premium rate number without your knowledge.

Even if there’s someone on the other end, they may pretend a person or an organisation you trust. They usually ask for very sensitive information such as name and address, passport numbers, banking details, credit card details etc. Therefore, remember, do not provide any personal information.

What is Ping call ?

Ping calls are short calls on your telephone with no time to answer. The caller usually calls once or twice and then hangs up. His intention is to make you call it back. In this case you may be charged high connection fees since this call is very often sent to a premium rate number without your knowledge.

Remember, the number, at first glance, is easy to confuse with a local area code or it seems to be local or from the same country, but in fact, it is usually registered abroad. Unfortunately, this scam is increasing and can cost you a lot of money.

The longer the telephone connection is maintained, the higher the demand that is charged. If you answer a ping call, nothing will happen and you will not be charged anything. But remember do not call it back under any circumstances.

What is Telemarketing call ?

Telemarketers usually use local telephone numbers, and therefore, they are very difficult to be recognised. You may easily confuse them with the numbers that belong to residents in your neighbourhood. Such calls are often a nuisance because you get them several times a day.

Telemarketers do not try to reach you only in the morning, but all day long, even late in the afternoon. Their goal is to generate leads, sell products and services, advertise products and gather marketing information.

One of the most annoying versions of telemarketing is ‘robo calling.’ This is when you answer the phone and you hear a recorded message instead of a live person. The recorded message usually comes from charities, health care providers, debt collectors or politicians. Some of them may be purely informational.

But remember, if you answer such call, then your number will be considered ‘live,’ and they will try to contact you again and again. The more you answer, the more the calls. Our website will help you to identify the telemarketers. If you are sure they are on the other side, do not pick the telephone receiver up.

What is Sweepstakes , Lottery call ?

'Congratulations, you have won!' How many times did you hear that on the phone? Such unexpected message via your telephone is nothing but a lottery scam (of course if you have never entered a lottery or a contest). This is the first step used by lottery scammers to draw your attention. But, without a doubt, there is a catch.

In the next step, you will be probably asked to pay a fee or a tax in advance to claim your prize. You may be also told to wire money to a company or an agent to collect your winnings, or to buy a gift card and give them the card number.

Remember, scammers will use different methods in order to obtain money from victims. Another very dangerous thing scammers do is to urge you to give them very sensitive personal information such as name and address, bank account number, credit card number etc.

Surely, legitimate sweepstakes will not make you pay a fee or buy something to improve your chances of winning. They will not ask you to give them personal information either. If you happen to answer the phone and there will be a lottery scammer on the other end, you have to remember about certain things.

First of all, do not pay a fee to claim a prize, do not wire the money, do not provide personal or financial information. Remember, our website will help you to identify nuisance lottery scammers.

What is SMS spam ?

SMS spam is any unwanted or unsolicited message sent to your smartphone or mobile phone as text messaging through SMS (Short Message Service) usually for commercial purposes. Scammers think that we are probably more likely to respond to a text message than answer a call from a number we are not familiar with.

If you receive a message from a number you don’t know, you have to be very careful. Most scammers will send you texts which will direct you to call back a number for more information. Some messages may contain the information about an ostensible problem that you are supposed to solve by making a phone call or entering a link.

Don’t do it. Their goal is to gather more personal or financial information from people like you like bank account login or password in order to steal from them. Clicking on a link in a scam text can have negative and unfortunate consequences.

Apart from providing the scammer with your log in credentials, clicking on a link in the message can infect your mobile phone with malware. Remember, if you receive a suspicious text message from an unknown number, first check the number on our website.

We are trying to do our best to identify the unfamiliar numbers for you. Secondly, don’t click any links in a text message. Thirdly, don’t share any personal or financial information by text.

What is Robocall

It is a computer generated call. Instead of a live person, you hear a pre-recorded message when you answer the phone. Many robocalls are not wanted and recently became a real nuisance. There are so many of them because they are a very cheap way of advertising something or informing about something.

However, you have to know that some of them are legal while some of them are not. If a robocall is trying to persuade you buy something, and the company does not have your written permission to make a call in this way, then such a call is illegal and usually it is a scam.

If you want to limit the number of robocalls from telemarketers or scammers you can always add your number to the National Do Not Call List. Nevertheless, some of them will avoid blocking technologies by using the number that looks like yours to make you answer the phone.

As mentioned above, some robocalls are legal and they do not require your permission. They involve political calls, calls from debt collectors, calls informing about different appointments or calls including messages from charities. Surely, our website will help you identify the caller.

How to recognize scam call ?

  • The caller says you’ve been selected to receive a grant for something from the government, but you need to pay a processing fee

  • The caller may say you’ve won a free vacation or some other prize, but there’s a shipping or handling fee, so they need your credit card information to send it to you

  • If you get a call from someone selling tickets to a big-prize lottery from another country

  • Caller trying to get you to buy something over the phone will offer a bonus or free gift if you purchase what they’re selling right away

  • If you miss a call from an unfamiliar number and it only rang once, don’t call back out of curiosity. It can redirects you to a pay-per-minute number that plays a fake recorded message

  • They offer to fix your computer

  • They’re collecting for a charity you’ve never heard of. Fake charities will insist on your credit card number

  • They want your personal information

  • They are collecting a debt which you don’t remember incurring

  • They want you to invest in something

  • They want your credit card data

Check an unknown number

Before you receive a call from an unknown number check who is calling.

To learn more about an unknown number on our website, type the number above and press 'Search' button. If the number is in our database, you will quickly find out all the details connected with it. If you want you can also add comments about an unknown number in order to inform other users.

Never call back the unknown number

You may be exposed to the so-called Ping Call (Your phone calls once or twice and stops. When you call back the unknown number you can be charged. It is a very popular telephone fraud)